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I’ve had a notion in my head over the last few years that perhaps I’m lazy. That I really don’t want to hustle my way to success and leave the rest of my life in my wake, but that I want to live a more balanced life and get by with the bare minimum of effort.

I’ve switched my thinking about this in terms of how I view what I do – am I lazy or am I just being goddamn efficient?

Entrepreneurship is hard. Don’t believe otherwise – even those who say find your passion and go live your dream – it’s all a load of crap if you are wanting to turn your passion into money.

Let me point out that I am by no way saying it’s not possible. Of course it is, but the path is hard. It will take every ounce of your belief and spirit and shake them up in a big old mess then spit them out.

Most successful people state that their success was never about a clever idea or the fact they have an IQ of 3000, but that it was always the resilience, tenacity and grit that lead them to where they are today. They just never gave up.

And you can take that message and live your life by it, but it doesn’t mean you have to always hustle and put in 100%.

Don’t get me wrong, I do think that you should always do the best you can, but when there are other things at stake, the caveat I would like to suggest is that you do the best you can in the circumstances you are given. Heres an example.

I’m pretty smart. I am quite happy to admit that, without feeling like I’m being big headed. I was blessed with a mind that is not only clever but I am also very aware of the dynamics surrounding me. This allows me to evolve and change quite easily to the given circumstances.

When I was studying for my business degree, my husband said I had taken on too much. I was raising two babies, I was helping my husband run his business and I had taken on 3 years of intense study – which at that time, all had to be done in the evenings because of my responsibilities as a parent.

The majority of the work that I had to do was specified at being about 12-18 hours a week of study. Now that, given my circumstances, was pretty impossible. For my first module I did everything to the letter and spent hours studying. My results came through at about 80%. At that point I realised that I didn’t need to do the full hours. I was able to skim through the work and ‘hustle’ for the assignments, but overall I would say I averaged about 8 hours a week study time. My results were between 70-80%. I had the occasional mark in the 60’s but overall I seemed to get good marks for the effort I put in.

Now, I know for a fact that if I had studied harder I could have got results in the upper 80’s and 90’s. I was happy putting in a little less effort for the results I was getting because it meant I had more balance in my life. I had figured out the leverage point of doing the minimum amount of work for the maximum results possible.

And I think that is an important thing to remember – it’s not laziness, it’s efficiency. Doing the best I could given the circumstances.

And this is how I manage a better balance in my life. I could hustle all hours of the day to increase my income, and yes some people want to do that and I don’t judge, but for me I want to spend time with my kids, I want to have a thriving relationship with my husband and I want to be able to have nights where I sit watching entertaining TV with a g&t in hand.

I accept that my output will be less because I do these things. I don’t whine about not being able to make my business work, because it does work – it works at the maximum capacity given the effort I put in. That does not mean I don’t give my clients top quality results. It means that I choose to spend my time wisely, balancing as best I can.

So, what have you learned from this article? Do you know your leverage point to balance life and work?


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