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Sarah Alford

Direct Response Copywriter

& Systems Specialist


It sounds pretty cool, but a little sales-y and icky when you say it like that, right?

And it makes you think that ‘converting’ people is a bad thing…like you’re some kind of evil magical creature changing the very nature of their being.

However, conversion is necessary for business, since revenue is the lifeblood that provides for you and your family but also, your bank account is a direct reflection of the impact you’re making.

And I know that is the driving force of what you do… a business with meaning, purpose and impact.

But conversion copy isn’t as easy as it sounds because it’s about understanding the deep motivation and emotional core of your clients and prospects, whilst forming a relationship with them that generates the know, like and trust factor.

And that’s what I do.


I’m a Direct Response Copywriter and Systems Specialist from the South West of the UK.

With my past skills as an actor (yes, 12 years in the game) I use my special ‘Meisner’ training to research and discover what makes your prospects tick, what makes them sit up and say ‘you get me’ and what makes them hit that buy button… because after reading your copy they know, without a shadow of a doubt, that YOU-ARE-THE-ONE to help them get the results they desire.

And whilst copy is essential to all this, none of that matters if you don’t have the systems to support your customer journey and deliver to them what they need. That’s why I use equal amounts of my left-brain as a super star Systems Specialist to provide the infrastructure…

…so that the copy can do it’s job.

“The swan can’t soar unless it’s flight feathers are preened and perfectly positioned!” – Nota Rl Quot

Or in other words… your copy can’t convert if your tech systems aren’t talking to each and…

– sending your ebook when they opt-in
– booking that discovery call in your calendar
– delivering all the goodies after they give you their digits on check-out

If you want copy that soars (read: converts), or need systems to support an optimised customer journey, then I’m your gal. See how I can help you by clicking a link below.

Email Sequences

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Email Marketing Strategy

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Systems Set Up

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