Sarah Alford

– Email Copywriter –

Personal Development, Wellness & Spirituality

Hi I’m Sarah Alford – a Direct Response Copywriter from the South West of the UK.

For years I struggled as a poor, jobbing actress, that is until I’d had enough of the cut throat industry and left with a dramatic exit stage left.

When I found copywriting, I realised that I could use my specialist ‘Meisner’ acting training to help identify prospects motivations and core emotions, and to ‘nail’ the voice of the experts I represent in the copy.

Now I help businesses in the personal development, wellness and spirituality niches create email sequences that not only sells more of their products and services, but does so without ever compromising authenticity and integrity.

So, if you have a strong voice in the market and want converting email copy that digs deeper into your prospects core emotions and gets them motivated, I invite you to a 15 minute call to discuss working together.