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I survived the summer. In more ways than one. I have my sanity (just), but I’ve also managed to increase my income each month EVEN though my kids have been at home! Admittedly I have had some help, but I’ve also navigated some emotional ups and downs – and I’m going to get into all that in a minute.

Each week as I write my blog, I meander between topics and subjects as I explore what it is I am doing here. Not here in life (although I do tend to do that a lot too!), but here on this blog. This space was originally my coaching blog, talking about personal development but now it’s evolved into something more personal, more about my journey and how I express myself. It’s also, like it says on my home page, about balance. Me striving to achieve balance.

One of the things that I am exploring is the subject of how balance is not a static thing, it’s an ever fluid and changing state of being, as I go through life. I do think balance is achievable but it’s about pulling and pushing levers in the different areas of life to achieve the best kind of balance as possible in any given moment.

Yes, I believe there are times when I tip more to one end of the ‘balance’ scale than the other where perhaps I’m working too hard and not enjoying quality time with my family and there are times when I feel like I’m going round in circles with my business and not achieving the vast potential that I see possible for me. BUT I acknowledge that it’s about the journey.

That kinda makes me want to vomit… ‘It’s all about the journey’ – even though I have used that phrase several times on articles. But it’s true and I feel that I need to remind myself of this daily so that I can enjoy and experience life and the moments. That being said just the daily stresses of being a mother can make me feel like I can’t wait until the next milestone…waiting to hit that next income goal…waiting to have more time when the kids are back in school…and it’s a constant ‘battle’ to try to be present and just BE.

This week I posted on my Facebook page about the fact that my youngest seems to be able to push my buttons to the point that I regress back to being a child myself. She’s four.

I’m not proud of my behaviour and I try my best to stay calm, but there’s a tipping point that I’m sure most mother will understand, when I cannot bear the whining, crying and down right stubbornness any longer and there’s no amount of counting or meditation that can stop what comes next! I end up losing my shit and getting angry, even when I know I shouldn’t. But hey, I’m human.

When I was coaching I used tho think about the fact that humans in general need to elevate and evolve their thinking in the way we react to things, but I’ve realised there are times when shit happens and it’s only natural for things to bother you sometimes. Perhaps, this moment I am talking about was the culmination of juggling so many balls this summer.

It has been interesting to say the least – the summer that is. It’s gone really fast but I think that’s because my parents have been helping out with my girls…they had them for a week and also came to visit and take them out a few days, so I was able to get stuck into work without distractions.

However, the weeks where I’ve had them full time have been challenging. Mainly because, even though I did sneak some time on the computer during the day, most of my work had to be done in the evenings which meant late nights, rarely sitting eating meals as a family and no time with my husband which inevitably put a strain on our relationship . Not seeing each other all week and having very little time to really cultivate our connection has impacted us. But we’re working on it, and I think now things are getting back to ‘normal’ the strain and tension is lifting.

So how did I increase my income with even less time available? Focus. And pay offs from time put in earlier this year. I have been showing up as myself in a variety of online spaces and just doing what I do best – being honest, helping where I can and being very clear about the path I want to travel. I’ve said no to clients that weren’t the right fit and I’ve served my current clients in a very humble fashion by giving the best of myself in every situation. I do this as I also continue to learn and educate myself. And ALL this in itself has opened the door to people coming to me through referrals and raising their hand after I have helped them in the past … and I know my honest integrity will continue to serve me as I move forward.

I am now starting to see a defined path that I will be following over the next six months to a year and that leads me to reveal what my intentions are for my blog and my business. I really want to continue with this blog as a place for creativity but also to document more of my journey, mainly for my own sanity but also with the possibility of helping others in their journey.

I also want to start another blog sharing more strategic information about online business – specifically about the logistics and technical systems that help online business owners create more efficiency and less chaos. During this time I will continue as a business manager for my retainer clients whilst I immerse myself in the teachings of the great copywriters of all time and start doing more copy and content for clients.

I know that seems an awful lot, but I feel it will satisfy the two distinct sides to my brain – my creative side (my blog here and the creative writing I do for clients for copy and content). Whilst my logical, analytical brain that just LOVES getting down and dirty with systems and tech stuff will be satisfied with my other blog and the work I do supporting clients with their systems.

So for now, it’s adieu. Tell me what you summer has been like. Let me know in the comments if you still have your sanity in tact after juggling ALL the balls…


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