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Don’t give up.


I know business is hard. You keep trying different things – some work, some don’t. Failure is inevitable in the entrepreneurial journey, but giving up is the sure fire way of never getting what you want.

Many successful entrepreneurs have experienced exponential growth. That is when the current trajectory looks like a straight line and then all of a sudden the line goes up in a steep curve. How do you know that tomorrow is not that day the curve starts to rise for you?

Giving up right before that exponential leap – you would kick yourself if only you knew, but you’ve given up so you’ll never know right?

As I said, failure is inevitable. It’s actually part of the process. Everyone fails, but it’s how we learn, grow and try new things. It’s how we keep in action, keep on moving towards the dream.

Yet, one thing that does trip us up is when we attribute the failure to our self worth. That we allow it to take hold of us and say ‘It didn’t work because I’m not smart enough/ pretty enough/ fast enough’ or just ‘I’m not enough’.

You are enough.

Nothing can make you ‘less’ unless you allow it. So stop that now. Learn from mistakes, learn from failures and keep going towards your dreams.

Another thing that puts obstacles in our way is the idea that selling our services is sleazy. That can make us want give up because we hate that feeling of sleaze. We know that’s not what our work is about. We work from the heart, wanting to help people with our expertise.

But let me reframe this for you.

Business is about selling. You don’t have a business unless you can sell your services and selling is just a transaction. Someone needs what you have and you exchange that for something you want. That is usually money, but it can be something else, like a trade of services, or an introduction to a new network or market.

Don’t be afraid to sell.

You wouldn’t expect someone to give you your groceries for nothing. You pay for them at the store. Your service is the same. Someone needs it, you offer it and there is an exchange.

Another reason why business can be hard, and make you want to quit is when you are working with the wrong people. This can sap your soul and turn your once loved business into a constant battle of trying to please clients and customers who are not a good fit for what you do.

Connect with the right people.

Connect with those that value what you have to offer. This all comes down to communicating the right message of what you do and why so that your dream clients see you for who you are and see that you can help. They will want to hire you because of your shared beliefs and values.

There are people out there who need what you have to offer. It is your job to go find them.

Don’t give up, keep trying, keep experimenting, keep tweaking.

The only time to ‘give up’ or at least let go, is when the thing you’re trying to accomplish is no longer your dream. Then you have my permission to quit – not in frustration, but because you know there is something better out there for you that will fulfil you more.

The one thing to bear in mind as you go about your business day to day, is to make the processes and task be part of your purpose. Striving to attain something that is currently out of reach can create a vacuum within yourself. By that I mean the thing you want is out ‘there’ and you are trying desperately to get to ‘there’ by doing lots of things.

How about making the things that you do day to day within your purpose and as fulfilling as the attainment of the goal?

If day to day you are not happy because you are trying to achieve the goal, then something needs to change. Take a look at what lights you up in the work that you do and do more of it.

What are you going to do more of today? Let me know in the comments below.


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