Sarah Alford

Welcome & Nurture Email Sequences

Convert Your Clients And Customers On Autopilot!


Are you ready to grow your business?

Whether you’re just starting out or your business is working like clockwork and generating mucho $$££’s... if you’re not using a conversion-focused welcome and nurture email series, then you’re leaving money on the table. 


In a nutshell…

A welcome and nurture sequence not only establishes trust - because you WILL be sharing stories and secrets that’ll turn you into their new best friend - but it’s a way to educate your audience about the possibilities that are available to them through what you offer.

So when your prospects opt in to your email list, your sequence gets to work like a virtual production line on autopilot to turn the curious-kittens, fence-sitters, and skeptics alike into loyal, raving customers.  

Not just one-time customers either, but lifetime customers who come back for more because you’ve set the stage for you and your brand being the authority in your field and have rendered them objection-less to saying yes to this and more.


 So if you want to...

  • change more lives

  • make more money

  • have a waiting list of clients and customers

  • sell out your offers

  • AND have an engaged list of subscribers who are desperate for more


...then allow me to create a welcome and nurture sequence that sells your offers like hotcakes.


 With my welcome and nurture sequence package you get…

  • 2-3 welcome emails (the first time someone joins your list)

  • 4-5 nurture emails (selling your most relevant offer)

  • Opt-in page for your lead magnet

  • PLUS implementation into your ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign, with drip feed, tags and segments that complement your email strategy.


 Imagine this…

  • You no longer have to keep tabs on who you’ve emailed or followed up with to work with you as everything is now on autopilot with your paypal notifications buzzing as often as you want

  • You feel confident knowing your emails are perfectly implemented without the headache of figuring out how to tag or set up automations

  • You are over-the-moon because you constantly receiving emails from your subscribers saying how much they love your emails and can’t wait to work with you


How it works:

  • Pay for your package and book your initial deep dive call (you will need to book this at least two weeks out to allow for you to supply answers to my questionnaires and any client research and documentation)

  • You’ll receive your welcome pack with instructions of what I need from you and by when

  • We connect for our call and go deeper on the information you have already supplied and discuss the strategy behind your opt-in and email sequence (please note, you must have your lead magnet completed)

  • I get to work on your emails and opt-in page to provide a first draft within 5 days

  • We connect for a review call to discuss the copy

  • I tweak and make any necessary edits and provide final draft by day 7 (A second round of minor edits are available during the 7-10 day mark)

  • Once we are signed off on the copy I connect your opt-in lead magnet for delivery and implement your sequence into your ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign account - all within 10 days


Book your slot and get your opt-in and email sequence live - bringing in

subscribers, clients and customers within 10 days!



(appx $1950)

Need to chat quickly? And when I say quickly, I mean lets do 20 minutes where we go balls-to-the-wall and figure out if this is for you! Click the button to get on my calendar.