Sarah Alford


Building Relationships with Emails That Sell With Integrity


Hi, I’m Sarah - Email copywriter for the health, wellness and personal development markets.



NOUN  /ˈkɒpi/

= Words That Sell

But Selling Doesn’t Have To Be Sleazy

In fact it’s essential to your bottom line
that the sleaze takes a back seat.


In this industry we are in business to make people’s lives better - and if your product or service is ethical AND gets results then the words you use to sell matters.

It’s your duty to get your work into the hands and hearts of your buyers so they can benefit from it and change their lives.

People love to buy but they hate being ‘sold’, and  your potential clients and customers can smell a sales pitch a mile off… their defenses go up, they think they’re being hoodwinked* and like that, in a puff of smoke, you’ve lost them. Trust has left the building.

* hoodwinked = Definition: wool pulled over one’s eyes/ deceived/ tricked into buying something crappy. Yeah, you don’t want to do that!

You need words that connect, build trust and sell your products and services because their lives will be transformed by what you have to offer (and if that’s not the case, I’m not your gal for copy).

And there’s no better way to tap into their thoughts and be front of mind than through their inbox - because not everyone is ready to buy on first contact.

I’m an actress turned copywriter (with a few stops on the way) who uses emotional triggers and core motivations to sell your thing, whilst keeping your integrity intact >> Read more… [link to About]

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Building Relationships with Emails That Sell With Integrity