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I’m Sarah Alford

Email and Funnel copywriter for the health, wellness and personal development markets.

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About me:

For years I struggled as a poor, jobbing actress - until I’d had enough of the cut throat industry and left with a dramatic exit stage left.

When I found copywriting, I realised that I could use my acting training to identify prospects core motivations, tap their emotional triggers, and 'nail' the voice of the experts I represent in the copy - just as I did with the characters I used to play.

Now I help entrepreneurs and business owners, like you, create emails that not only sell more of your products and services, but do so without ever compromising your authenticity or integrity.

I’ve written emails that have had over 50% click through rate and more than 76% open rate.  I’m a graduate of John Carlton’s Simple Writing System, having been personally coached by the man himself and I am certified in Email Marketing, Customer Acquisition and Direct Response Copywriting (Digital Marketer).  

I believe in universal kindness - towards all livings beings and to mother nature.  I’m a vegetarian, I embrace natural products and ways of living and I try my best to minimise my waste to do my bit for a future for our planet.

This is why I’m so passionate about the natural health and wellness industry - I see the possibilities in healing and helping people whilst also minimising our impact on our environment. If the words I write contribute to this social movement then I know I’m making a difference.


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