How To Be More Productive - Every Single Day, Without Fail!

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How to be More Productive

every single day without fail!

If you're a copywriter like me, or even a freelancer working from home, sometimes procrastination is a b*tch.

You’ve probably heard you need a ‘why’ to motivate you - that’s true, but sometimes the why is so big it loses its potency in the day to day logistics of just getting stuff done.

So I’ve tried llloooaaadsss of things to motivate myself and be more productive, but the best thing I’ve found so far is my 100 box check grid.

It sounds so simple. Yet it’s sooo powerful.

So how it works is this. You make the rules from the start.

For example you might choose 3 goals you want to accomplish and that’s your quota for each day.  So each morning (or the night before) you decide what those three goals are and write them down.

Now you set a timeframe - your working day/ by midday or the first hour - whatever you know is totally achievable if you get stuck in.

So now you have your rudder set.

You then get to work on those tasks.  When you complete those goals or tasks you get to colour in a box on your grid.

Next day you do the same.

Now the things with this is the consistency - you start to fill in the grid, but if one day you don’t manage your three things, you have to tear your sheet up and start again from checkbox one.

How this keep you consistent is the fact that you write on your grid sheet the prize you get for reaching 100 checkboxes.  This has to be something awesome - again you set the rules!

As you start to build your coloured boxes the stakes increase because you realise you don’t want to break your streak of boxes and start from zero again.

Now why this works is because of the dopamine fix in your brain. It’s one of the natural feel-good chemicals released in your brain.

This is what the wonderful wikipedia says about dopamine…


Setting goals AND achieving them, spikes your dopamine levels - so creating a system that makes you more productive also makes you happy.  The more you do, the happier you become. AND it’s like a cycle because of the ‘streak’ of boxes you build up. The more boxes you fill the closer you get to that cool thing you want - whilst also preventing yourself from falling back into bad habits with the knowledge you’ll have to start from scratch.

This whole check box thing also works REALLY well if you are trying to abstain from something - it’s the exact same system that alcoholics use to keep them accountable to the number of days they’ve been sober.

So, it’s a proven system that builds on itself - but remember you set the rules - and only you know if you cheat or not! (oops I missed a day, never mind! - NAH! Don’t be THAT person)

To help you out I’ve created a really simple 100 box grid for you to print out and use - and you don’t even need to opt-in.

Just click this link to download.


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