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My journey in the online space over the last two years has been like a roller coaster. I know that is a cliched saying and whilst it has been ‘emotional’ I mean that it’s been more about the path, to where I am now, has taken me all over the place.

I see many online ‘gurus’ stating they can help me compress my timeline, and whilst I think that is possible I also believe that I had to take this path to get to where I am now. And where I am now is not necessarily the final destination, it’s a station on the track where I’m thinking of pausing for a cup of tea and a piece of cake.

In quite a few of my last articles I have been stating that my goal is to leverage my business with the aim of paying off my mortgage in two years. Whilst that still is a very real vision and goal for me I feel that perhaps I need to stop pushing all the time.

Balancing everything in life with building a business is the hardest thing in the world. Actually, it’s not – that’s quite melodramatic. There are plenty of other things that are harder – like dealing with sleep deprivation and depression, dealing with the loss of a loved one or being in a very scary place where you are in fear of your life. So, no it’s not the hardest thing, but it certainly is a challenge.

I have just packed my youngest off for her first weeks of school – next week she goes full time and that means I get a heck of a lot more time in my day. Yet, whilst I had every intention of cracking the whip and leveraging this thing called business I’m starting to feel that perhaps pushing forward is not what is necessary right now.

I feel like I need a bit of time to process where I am at with my current work as an online business manager and give myself the opportunity to breathe and get comfortable. There’s this thing in the online world about having the right mindset in business, pushing past fears and moving out of your comfort zone. But what’s wrong with being comfortable? Not staying there forever, but just for a time?

I can look at this several ways – taking on the hustle vs. living a balanced life, stepping into masculine energy vs. embracing my more feminine energy or pushing out of the comfort zone vs. allowing the dust to settle.

Right now I’m visualising my journey as a trek to the summit of a mountain. Perhaps I’ve now reached base camp – it’s been tough but not too difficult and I feel like I need to get use to the air at this height whilst also enjoying the view for a bit.

Negative Nelly sometimes pokes a stick at me and tells me I’m being lazy, but what’s the point of all the hustle if you can’t stand and enjoy the view for a bit? The things you see here will be different to the thing you see at the summit. I might miss the pretty butterflies, or the sun reflecting off the river below if I don’t stop for a minute or two – all that beauty will be beneath cloud cover when looking from the summit.

So, I am allowing myself to BE in this place for a while. I don’t know how long for, but I’m giving myself permission to do this. BUT….I still intend to use my time wisely.

I have several house DIY projects I want to do, I’d like to start a fitness routine and I am still, and always will be, learning new things about online business and marketing as well as educating myself about copywriting (since that is where I see my business going in the next few years).

I’m taking a breath and enjoying the view. There are other factors involved in this decision, which I’ll talk about next week but today I invite you to ask yourself, IS it wrong to want to be comfortable? At least for a little while?


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