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I fell into the online world by accident. I have always been curious and followed the breadcrumbs – sometimes this leads to procrastination, other times it leads me to an entirely new world of possibilities. Finding the online entrepreneurial world was like finding a new dimension where the laws of physics don’t exist.

So there I am, changing nappies, weaning my youngest, studying a business degree in my spare time, handling all the duties of a so-called ‘house wife’ and thinking I’m capable of so much more. Not that I dismiss the importance of my role back then, but there was an element of feeling unfulfilled. So I investigated what I could possibly create to allow myself to have some purpose. I recognised that part of my innate ability was the fact that I was a solution finder and I always figured things out – AND I mostly found that easy.

I’d never been a 9-5er – I’ve always marched to my own drum beat and followed my heart – so setting myself up as self employed, working as an actress, dealing with rejections, setting up several businesses, failing and starting again was all part of taking it in my stride. So I thought ‘I can help others do the same’.

I also started my own personal development journey during this time and that also revealed many things to me – mostly about my strengths and natural ability for listening and asking questions.

With an idea to help others get over the hurdle of starting a business I opened the floodgate to something that swept me away with the current. My own personal development journey became teaching others what I had learned, but after doing this for about 12 months, with some success I might add, I realised it all felt out of alignment to me. Helping others on a personal journey was just me reflecting my own journey. I needed to do this for myself and not base a business around that.

So I decided to take my more tangible skills of being a freaking amazing techie and organiser and used that to support others in business. I have no qualms stating I am an excellent business manager and assistant. Do I love what I do? Yes I do. I love the act of helping, I love the act of being of use and supporting others and I love being paid to do this. Would I still do this if I won the lottery, probably not AND I also know I’m capable of more.

When I consider getting a ‘job’ – with all the crap that comes with getting kids to school on time, hacking through traffic to get to said job, dealing with incompetent managers, juggling the guilt when I have to call in ‘sick’ because my kids are sick – I can’t even imagine ‘doing’ normal. It’s not me.

I know there’s more potential in me. There’s a creative side of me that still needs to find a proper home and there’s still genius within me that needs to be fulfilled but I don’t exactly know where that may lead me.

I do notice myself getting triggered when I watch others trying to build a business around their journey. And I don’t know why that is – I guess it comes down to the ethics of selling, the price points and the actual value that someone receives in exchange for that knowledge of teaching. But aren’t we all on our own journey that we must all must experience ourselves? To learn and adapt to the specific situation we are experiencing.

I’m not here stating that it’s wrong to teach from your own journey – it’s a bigger issue of the ethics behind it and the intentions propelling it. I’ve seen too many people burned by investing huge sums of money into a program, course or service that they were sold on a promise that didn’t materialise. But then I think it’s about doing due diligence on that product or service and not allowing ourselves to drink the cool-aid.

I’m currently learning about conversion copywriting and one of the things that is taught is that people buy because of emotions and not logic, however, the buying decision does need to be backed up by logic. But I feel that some marketers prey on the emotions and often forget about the logics. I’ll try to keep this in mind as I build a copywriting empire that uses persuasive methods to sell. Pinkie promise.

I am not debating a point, I’m putting forward a conversation that I think needs to happen more.

In this online world, all services and programs are about some kind of change, and with change comes decisions. We all have to decide to do what needs to be done to get the results. Projecting success or failure on to someone else because we didn’t do the work is ridiculous – but perhaps we need to consider HOW we sell in this online space. I haven’t got it figured out but I do know it has something to do with honesty and integrity.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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