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There’s term used when undercover operatives have to disappear for a while to protect themselves from discovery. It’s know as ‘going dark’. I’m not an undercover spy BUT I’ve had to disappear whilst I get my head on straight.

You see, I have a confession to make. Things are changing here.

A few weeks ago I was going to write an article about ten things I wish I’d known as a kid.

Thursday, my usual publishing day, came…. and went.

Friday I started writing it, I got most of it done, but I wasn’t particularly inspired by it.

So I had to reflect on why.

I’ve been thinking about the direction of this blog and about what my future intentions are. In my last article, I stated that I was going to start a new blog about systems and content. I procrastinated on that too.

Again, why? I don’t really know but one of the ten things I was going to write about was ‘Trust Your Gut’.

My gut is giving me a funny feeling right now. I’ve been diving further into my copywriting journey and all I wanted to do was immerse myself in that world. I had no desire to write on my blog, or create step by step guided videos of how to set up systems.

I have an immense amount of knowledge of systems, automations and online business but I have no desire to ‘teach’ it. Part of me wants to show people what I know – as in, the things I find really easy I should just put it out there so others can do it too. But really, I’m not inspired by it.

So, even though it felt weird not to write posts or write to my list for the last few weeks, I followed my gut.

I had so many ideas of what to write about – it’s just I didn’t WANT to write.

Yes I could’ve pushed through the resistance, but I really only wanted to do things that excited me – and what excited me was going down the rabbit hole of direct response copywriting.

So I took a hiatus. I went ‘dark’ with no warning.

What did I do during that time?

I got certified as a Direct Response Copy Specialist (from Digital Marketer and AWAI), I joined an incredible copywriting community called Copy Chief and I allowed all the pieces of what I do and who I am fall into place. I changed up my website and embraced calling myself a ‘copywriter’.

And it feels good! The future is bright and the present moment is also exciting – which is something I have struggled with for years. I am really enjoying the process of learning more about copy, writing for my clients and working towards new goals.

So where to next?

I continue to support my clients with tech systems and automation AND help them with their copy and content strategy. I can’t separate that, it’s integral to who I am.

I am also going to continue to write on my blog – same subjects of creativity and self expression – because that’s a piece of the puzzle. It’s what I love writing about and that’s why my copy services are focused on the personal development, wellness and spirituality space.

I can’t wait to see where this path is going to take me. I’m excited and feeling very much ‘in purpose’.

What about you? What are you excited about? What’s in store for you?


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