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One of the biggest questions we ask ourselves is ‘are we here for a reason?’.

This question is one that I can guarantee you have asked yourself at some point. Perhaps you twist yourself in knots trying to figure out the answer and you may feel like you have evidence to support or contradict this thought depending on your particular circumstances that day.

And this question raises it’s head in various forms:
‘is there one soulmate for me?’
or ‘what is my calling?’
or even ‘how do I follow my passion?’.

On the note of ‘what is my calling’ – I’ve recently had a calling or an ‘awakening’ about how I am ‘showing up’ in my business and life and it all comes down to authenticity and truth. I am fully embracing this notion and allowing myself to fully express myself, my opinions and views through my writing.

But going back to the point of this post.

I believe we can have many callings

…and many soulmates and many ways to express our passions – and it all comes down to what we value and how we like to live through those values.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

A guy who by his very nature is a gentle giant, who loves helping people that might not have the kind of strength he has could find complete bliss in being a hospital porter, or he could find out he excels at being a fitness instructor for the elderly. There are several ways his passion can express itself – he doesn’t necessarily need to have a passion of being a hospital porter, it’s just the way his passion is expressed.

Another example is myself. I had a passion for acting. I loved everything about it and spent about four years in training and another ten years working in the industry. What I loved was being able to express myself and have an impact on people. I wasn’t in it for the fame – although I did have my eye on an Oscar which would have meant recognition from my peers. It did take me some time to let go of that dream (which you can read more about here on my guest post on Tiny Buddha), but it lead me to where I am now.

I’ve realised it is the same thing that pushes me in this business. A way to express myself through my content, and have an impact on people through coaching. I use skills that I have acquired over the years and my talents and strengths that are in my nature – listening and questioning.

So, there’s not one way to skin a cat.

You are not falling short if you don’t find the one thing that you are meant to do. There are many things you can do that draws upon your core values. That is the thing you’re meant to do – find a way to fully use your skills and strengths in a way that feels exciting and in a way that makes you feel fulfilled.

So if you’re still searching for your passion, or your calling, just start something that feels good. Something you enjoy. Because all that searching will get you nowhere. Take action and experiment. Execute on your ideas. No one got anywhere in life or business without doing something!


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