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In life and business we are required to make decisions day in day out – from the minute almost inconsequential decisions to the big hairy decisions that could be life changing. It’s really important to know that as powerful women we face these decisions with a clear head and not allow fear to take hold and run the show.

We generally base our decisions around the amount of data, information, knowledge and wisdom we have around the given subject. Information is data used within context, knowledge is using information through our experience and wisdom is the learning we have acquired from the knowledge we have – often called insight!

Sometimes we realise we don’t have the full picture to make the decision we are faced with, so we need to ask questions.

It’s human nature to ask the easy questions, but sometimes it’s more beneficial to ask better questions? A great example is the scene in ‘I Robot’ where Will Smith is questioning the hologram of his mentor. The hologram tells Will to ‘ask the right question’ because it is constrained by it’s programming.

It is empowering for us to ask the right questions. Asking questions that will lead us to where we need to go.

Think about the next decision you need to make – if you only had one question to find out what you need to know what would that question be. Be specific. You might find that you need not seek the answers because you already know what you need to make that decision – but asking the right question can help uncover the answer for you.

Believe you know what is right for you, believe you have what it takes to succeed, because sometimes you just need to ask the right question and you’ll have your answer.


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