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When I was coaching (as a career path – now I do it for fun when I am so inclined), I had a conversation with a client about her desires and goals and things she wanted to do.

She had aspirations to create an interview series. She wanted to interview people that really interested her and learn more about their life and their journey.

However, she had yet to start. It wasn’t a case of she was afraid to do it, she just kept putting it off because there were too many obstacles in her way.

Or I should say, perceived obstacles.

It’s funny how we do this to ourselves. I do it myself.

We have an idea that we want to do something, and for whatever reason (sometimes it’s fear – mostly fear of the unknown, I believe) we put as many obstacles in the way and tell ourselves we can’t do it, or we put it off until we feel we are ‘ready’.

But what if we just do it? Yeah, I know it’s all a little cliched about ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ – but what if all those excuses, and imaginary obstacles are just our way of being a little bit lazy, or just staying comfortable – because who wants to go out in the rain to put the bins out?

We can do it later right? When the rain has stopped, or when we’ve bought ourselves an umbrella, or when the technology is invented to put the bin out automatically for us.

However, by that time the bins have been collected and we have to survive another two weeks with a full stinking bin and nowhere to put the rest of our rubbish. (I know it’s a weird analogy, but I think you get my point).

So in the case of my client, she thought she needed a website to put out her interviews, that she needed to think of a name for the url where people can find the interviews and a whole other load of reasons of why she was delaying the things she thought she really wanted to do.

So I asked her ‘why not just go out and interview a few people?. Do the interviews and see if you like doing them, see if it lights you up, see if you get anyone else interested?’

And let’s just imagine the conversation went on like this (it didn’t, but I want to do it this way to prove a point).

Client: But how do I record the interviews I don’t have proper camera.
Me: Why not use your smartphone?
Client: But what do I do with the interview once I filmed it?
Me: Upload to Youtube?
Client: But how will people know how to find it?
Me: Email some people who you think might enjoy it and share the link.
Client: But what if people say no to interviewing?
Me: Keep asking until you get a yes.
Client: But what if I don’t like it?
Me: Then don’t do it again. A least you actually did it, straight out the gate without setting up a website and spending money, time and energy on lots of things that have NOTHING to do with this thing you want to do and THEN you find out you don’t want to do it.
Client: Okay, I’ll go talk to some people.
Me: Cool!

So there it is. Just go do the thing you want to do. You may find it’s not what you thought, and you can say I tried it, did it, didn’t like, NEXT!

What have you been putting off?


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