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There are a lot of quotes and articles online (even on my blog here) about how you must believe in yourself to be successful.

But we all know that just believing does create magic, there has to be aligned action taking place as well.

Recently I have been thinking about belief and what it actually means to believe in yourself, or rather my belief in myself and how that has and does affect my life.

So, as I write my statements out below I am writing it as though I am talking to you about how it affects you, but know this – I am no guru, mainly it’s about how I have been seeing all this show up in my life.

The Belief Factor

You can have belief in yourself but not believe in what you do. And when I say what you do, it can mean your career, your business, or any action you think is the right thing to do to get a certain result.

If you pull back from the thing you are doing, I see that it is not always down to fear (fear of judgement, fear of the unknown, fear of success). It can be an alignment issue.

And yet, it can be fear.

Knowing the difference between fear or being out of alignment is key, and I don’t know if I have all the answers on how to recognise which is which, but here are my thoughts on it as I figure this out for myself.


I think, if the end result is what you really want then yes, you can force yourself forwards but you have to remember there are always other ways of getting there.

It’s not always about identifying the path and even though it’s scary, to keep running down that path because you want the destination.

You can take an alternative route that might just be that bit more enjoyable.


Sometimes it comes down to decisions.

It’s useful to consider all the options available to you. And then make a decision.

Indecision leads to stagnation, feeling stuck and ultimately giving away your power.

You need to keep the momentum if you really want that thing you are working towards.

Making decisions can be scary but it’s about perspective – look at it as an experiment, see what might happen if you do this, that or the other. At least you are moving and working towards your goals.

Taking action

The other thing to consider, when you feel the fear about taking a certain action, is looking deep at what it is you are trying to achieve.

Is it really what you want? Or is it something you believe you need to do to achieve the thing you want?

As before, is there another way? Or is it something you have to right now, or is it something to do another time?

Feel into it. Yes, this sounds a bit woo woo, but it’s about self awareness.

Recognising the feelings

Understanding and recognising the feelings that you are having is where it all starts.

Is it really fear, or is it excitement?

What would have to be true about this feeling (or what could be tweaked, around the thought or path you need to take), to lean more into excitement than fear?

Self worth

Often we hear so much about ‘belief’ that we take on so much of it being about our self worth and how we perceive it for ourselves.

We may have self worth issues, but maybe we need to delve deep (again) to see that we do believe in ourself but it is the external circumstances that we don’t have faith in that leads is not doubt our path or ourself.

Bringing your thoughts internally, can help us with this. Bringing it back to the deep knowing that we have in our abilities. Trust you know what’s right for you in THIS moment – because another moment might be different. Trust you have the answer. Trust your instincts.

The more you can recognise your feelings, what they are made of and you can give them a name (fear? excitement? knowing? alignment?) the better you become at making the right decisions for yourself.

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