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One of the things I hear a lot in the online space is that we have to hustle our butts off to make things happen.

This can apply to your business or anything in life that you want to achieve. Whilst I think it is true we need to have some sort of energy behind our actions, in some respects I believe we need to have a deep awareness of what season we are in.

What I mean by this is …..the Earth goes through seasons, as do animals that share the surface of the planet with us. It is only natural that we as human beings go through seasons too.

We may find that our seasons coincide with the actual global seasons – which we know can affect our moods sometimes, but there are other cyclical behaviours that also affect us.

There are times when we are in high vibration and feel that nothing can stop us. There are times when we feel on the precipice of something amazing. Then there are other times where we have burst forth with all our juice and energy and we start to ‘wane’ and then there are times where we just want to curl up and hibernate a while.

These ‘seasons’ of behaviours are not bad and should not be looked upon as a negative thing. We don’t need to believe that we have to always be in high vibration, nor do we have to feel that the hibernation is a sense of shriveling or licking wounds, it is in fact the moment where we conserve our energy to start afresh with new ideas.

So, all I ask of you is to look deep and feel into what season you are in.

Maybe if you are in winter (hibernation mode) pushing yourself through an imagined ‘block’ is not always the right thing do. Settling back, taking stock, allowing yourself to recoup your energy and start the formation of new ideas, plans and strategies, might be what is needed before you ‘spring’ forth into the higher energy state of implementing and taking action to make things happen.

And as a further note, we can be in different seasons in different areas of our life. It doesn’t necessarily all go through the same cycle. We could be full of energy about planning and organising a holiday, and yet in our relationship we might be in a slower phase, meaning we have dropped into an easy routine and there doesn’t seem to be much excitement or adventure. But that’s okay.

Don’t beat yourself up if you think you should be hustling right now, or that your relationship should be full of spark and adventure every minute of the day – maybe you do need to cocoon yourself before emerging to take flight.

Let me know in the comments – what season are you in?


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