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This journey into self awareness is quite a roller coaster. I feel like I am super sensitive to everything going on in my life and I seem to analyse everything to the nth degree. Yet, I also think it’s amazing how aware I am of my reactions, and how others react too.

One of the biggest realisations I have had over the last year is how we (and when I say we, I mean me of course!) allow shit that’s gone down earlier to effect the present moment. You could say this is living in the past, but it’s more about the trace elements of emotion to colour the present.

For example, my kids can piss me off if they fight and then don’t get ready in time for us to get out the door to go to school. This energy is then left hanging about in my subconscious and affects my morning. Maybe someone cuts me up in traffic and I start shouting behind the wheel because really I am still pissed off I had to hack through the traffic to get to school because we were late, whereas normally I would just let the incident slide without a second thought.

A previous moment can set us up ALL wrong for the next few hours, or even the next day. The energy lingers and seeps into how we show up. Not only can this cause you to have a crappy day, but it can also cause problems in your relationships.

If you ‘snap’ at someone for something that they have had nothing to do with because you missed the train this morning, expect that to have repercussions.

BUT then also, remember this from the other side. If someone seems to have a dark cloud hanging over them, be gentle with them. Most likely anything they say or do will not have anything to do with you, what you’ve done or how they view you but it’s most likely they are operating from a faulty system of a previous moment.

It all comes down to self awareness and allowing yourself to consider how you respond instead of react to a situation.

I know sometimes something can really piss you off and it can be difficult NOT to react to the situation in a certain way, but the more you can catch yourself in the moment the better you can deal with it and not ‘hurt’ others in the process. The energy produced from a metaphorical collision needs to be dispelled some way. It’s always good to try to dispel it in a way that doesn’t involve anyone else (unless of course they are a consenting adult – like having two person sports game, or the age old activity of having a romp!).

Pent up energy needs an outlet. Don’t let that energy pull you into doing something you regret. Be considerate, try to control the moment and use that energy in better ways.

Lecture done.

Now I’m off to beat a pillow because I got caught out in the rain taking the bin out!


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