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When you know you want to do something and yet you feel resistance, either from fear or from the unknown, how do you overcome resistance to get things done?

I created my ‘mind hacks guide’ because I know that sometimes, we need a shortcut to get us into our zone of genius. Now, that’s not to say we shouldn’t look deeper at the truths of the stories and beliefs that hold us back, but sometimes we need to quickly accomplish certain things in our life and business and using quick hacks or short cuts can get us there.

So what kinds of states of mind am I talking about? I identified eight things that we tap into to keep the momentum in business – positivity, confidence, belief, courage, focus, productivity, intuition and inspiration.

When we feel the opposite of these things, there is a resistance, or a block that stops us doing the things we know we need to do. Sometimes it’s even stuff that we really WANT to do but fear gets in the way and presents as symptoms like negative thoughts, doubt, procrastination, overwhelm and confusion.

So for those times, all you need to think about is identifying what ‘pill’ you need to take – the red pill (taking action and getting on with it), or the blue pill (stay in your fear and bury your head in the sand – or the Matrix [did you get what I did there? – yes I am a sci-fi geek, didn’t you know?]).

You can take a variety of the red pills below depending on what outcomes you need…

Download a pdf copy of the Eight Ways to Overcome Resistance.


When we feel the weight of the world on our shoulders or the negative talk comes calling, often we just need something to lift our spirits to forge on with the tasks at hand. I find music a great way to tap into positivity.

So, choose a tune that either has a memory attached – one of happiness and joy – or one that just really gets your blood pumping, or even one that has significant lyrics for you and play it at full blast whilst jumping around your room. You will find that it is very difficult to stay in a negative state of mind for long!


This is a scientifically proven theory! If you need to boost your confidence – say you are about to go deliver your first TEDx speech – then all you need to do is adopt a superhero pose.

Stand with your head held high, feet apart and hands on hips for about five minutes and you will infuse your mind and body with the confidence to do the thing you need to do – and apparently you will perform to a higher standard too.


Belief is the very foundation from which your business runs. If you don’t believe in what you do, then no one else will. If you don’t believe you can get results for people, they won’t want to work with you. If you don’t believe in your prices then people won’t be prepared to invest their money into what you offer.

Building a belief system can be a long process but when you need to get a quick fix, setting up this process will allow you to access that foundation you are building at any point.

Belief comes from a knowing that you are capable, knowing that you are able, knowing that there is value in what you give. You therefore need a cheat sheet that shows you all these things – so go make a list of all your qualifications, all your learned skills, all your innate talents, your experiences and everything that has built you up to be the person you are today – everything that feeds into your business. Keep this list handy.

Now curate a notebook of testimonials. This can be real testimonials from past clients and customers AND anything nice someone has said about you that attests to what you do or who you are. Again, keep this list handy.

Any time you start to doubt your ability go check these two lists and instil some belief in yourself so you can forge on with whatever it is you need to do.


We often need to draw on our courage reserves when we are about to do something that takes us out of our comfort zone. However, we can easily be dissuaded when we start to think about the things that might go wrong – and our lovely mind can be a real trickster and can have a wild imagination!

Sometimes we need to go down that route to find out that those monsters are really just puppet shadows blown out of proportion. So we need to ask ourselves two questions:

1) What can I lose by doing this?
This allows us to hold a lens up to the outcome and see if it really is as scary as we thought.

2) What can I gain by doing this?
If you think about it, the possibilities are infinite. Small actions can have a ripple effect which can later turn out to be the most amazing thing that ever happened to us.


Often we say we need to focus because we have too many distractions pulling for our attention. Sometimes we just have to go all out and cut the distractions.

Turn off all electronic notifications, in fact turn off all electronic devices whilst you go do that thing you need to do.

Another habit you can create is to only check emails at set times during the day, that way you allow yourself set focused time to achieve the tasks you need to do.


To be productive all depends on what your idea of what productive means to you. We can (again) often distract ourselves with tasks that really don’t need our attention, so the key to overcoming this is to identify what things are going to yield a return on investment.

Only do the tasks that you believe will benefit your business in some way – whether that is a monetary return or a return in kind from someone else.

Another step is to schedule everything. You might feel that you are a more of a ‘go with the flow’ person, however as great as that is in being authentic to yourself, shit needs to get done. Scheduling allows that formation of new habits so you can be strategic about what you do. There will always be resistance in creating new habits, but the point is, the more you do them the easier it becomes.


Our intuition can play a very important role in our business, especially if you are interested in running your business authenticity and heart. Our intuition comes from our heart (or sometimes our gut), which can often override what our mind says – especially when our mind is playing trickster again. Being able to tap into your intuition is great for making decisions when negative thoughts are clouding our judgment.

One easy way to figure out what you really want (when faced with a this or that decision) is to flip a coin. This may sound flippant (pun intended), but it will allow you to truly know what the right things to do is.

Assign an outcome to each side of the coin, say you WILL do whatever the coin tells you. When the coin is flipped and you have your result, your immediate reaction will tell you what you really want.


As entrepreneurs, we know we need to be creating in our business. Whether that’s blog posts, social media posts, new content for courses or programmes, new ideas for designs or artwork. Often the pressure to come up with the goods can prevent the flow of creative inspiration, so a good way to get back into that creative zone is to disconnect from what you are doing.

The saying ‘can’t see the woods for the trees’ is so true when we are TRYING to find the answer to something or needing to come up with an idea. Looking harder and harder will only make you go crazy. The best thing to do is leave it alone and go do something that requires no thinking. Something like exercise or any repetitive activity that takes you mind off the THING you need to find allows space for the inspiration to hit you. The answer often finds us when we stop looking for it.

I hope you find these hacks useful. You may think they are too simple to actually be effective, but often (as Occam states) the simplest solution is most often the right or most effective one.

Have you used any of these hacks before?  Let us know in the comments below.

Download a pdf copy of the Eight Ways to Overcome Resistance.


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