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I feel I am quite disciplined, but that doesn’t mean I don’t suffer from procrastination.

This article is a perfect example – I have left it to the last minute to write this – the actual morning I publish (well some was written the night before, in bed, on my iPad – which is not the easiest thing to do – hello typos!)

It’s not because I don’t have any idea what to write about, no. I have a huge list of content ideas that I add to daily, whenever I get the ‘download’- it’s more about the fact that I need to FEEL it. That may be something to do with being the suffering artist/ creative, but it’s just something I recognise in myself.

Now there is some notion that if you’re a writer you need to develop a writing habit, and whilst I think that’s true I’ve yet to do that – however I have committed to writing a post each week and email my list each week, which I do. So that in itself is a habit. However, a daily writing habit is something I aspire to!

Since I’ve done ALOT of personal development work I tend to be very self aware and delve into WHY I’m procrastinating, but often I come up blank and think ‘actually maybe it’s that I’m just lazy’ ( more on that next week).

One of the things I used to teach when coaching was recognising your strengths and behaviours so you can adapt your work and business model to suit how you work for optimal output.

But for me, it’s an ever evolving thing (how I work), and I’m okay with that. I have in the past written four blog posts in a few hours and set them up for publishing over the duration of a month (yay – go me for productivity), and then times like this when I leave it right to the last minute.

The thing is, I like to go with the flow of it. I lean into my ‘feelings’ and go with what is showing up for me at the time.

This time, in respect of this weeks post, it’s that I couldn’t get motivated to write – or maybe it was the g&t and an episode of Shades of Blue that was calling?

The important thing I realise as I analyse this (and I’m a BIG one for self analysis) is that, whatever the reason, and however you or I show up in what we do, we should not to beat ourselves up for not doing something or doing the wrong thing at that time. I truly believe it’s about just ‘being’. Being in the moment and honouring your true desires – whether that’s to sit with a g&t or hustle your ass off.

Perhaps that’s not the best business model – perhaps I need more hustle in my life to crank it up, but I also need to enjoy the process. And that’s what I’ve promised myself since switching things up at the beginning of this year – to enjoy the process. To make decisions and not regret them. To do what feeeeeels good in that moment.

So the takeaways for today (because that’s what a decent article should do) are:

  • Do what feels good.
  • Don’t beat yourself up.
  • Realise procrastination could be a symptom of a deeper thing, or it could just be you’re feeling a bit lazy. And that’s okay!

Whatever the case is for me, I committed to blogging, and I have pulled it out the bag for this week. I could have just yawned and gone to sleep, and then woke up to crack on with client work, but I’m committed, and that’s why this article is here.


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