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This page is inspired by Jason Zook ( who I am so ever grateful to) who has a ‘Now’ page that was inspired by Derek Sivers.  It’s a place for you to see what I’m up to right now in life and business.  You can go to the about page to see what I’m all about – ie. the mission, the reason for the site etc, but this is a great place to see what’s going on NOW.

I’m plotting to take over the world with variety of new projects  –

  1.  A new blog which is an extension of my service as an online business owner – I will be creating ‘how to’s’ and guides to help people set up their systems for online business and create content. The blog will be System & Content.
  2. I’m still learning about copywriting and will be offering website copy as an extension of my services on
  3. I want to start  distributing my content on this blog onto other channels – predominately Medium, since I have zero traffic here.
  4. I’m studying several courses from Digital Marketer – Conversion Copywriting, Content Marketing and Email Marketing.
  5. I’m currently LOVING my work with my ongoing clients as a business manager.
  6. I’m also wanting to experiment with my creativity – not sure how this will pan out but it may have something to do with hand lettering and photography.  I’ll keep you posted.

Last updated: 20 September 2017