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This page is inspired by Jason Zook ( who I am so ever grateful to) who has a ‘Now’ page that was inspired by Derek Sivers.  It’s a place for you to see what I’m up to right now in life and business.  You can go to the about page to see what I’m all about – ie. the mission, the reason for the site etc, but this is a great place to see what’s going on NOW.

Future hopes (Ghost of Christmas Future)

I intend to launch a copywriting business as a done-for-you-service to help people with personal brands to:

  1. write website copy
  2. write sales pages and email copy for launches
  3. The strategy to implement all this – website structure and/or email funnels and sequences

I’ve bought the domain thatcopy .com for this very purpose.  Keep your eyes and ears open.
If you’re curious about how I might be able to help you in this arena, email me hello@sarahalford.co.uk – there will be huge discounts for ‘first in the door’ people who note their interests.


Knee deep in now (Ghost of Christmas Present)

I’m knee deep in client work helping support online coaches with their tech systems, automations and leveraging what content they currently have in place.

It’s summer so I am looking after my kids (ie. sitting them in front of TV whilst I get client work done – almost kidding!)

I just turned 41 and I feel like I am on the precipice of a new era- yes, all very melodramatic but, you know what? I feel it in ma’ bones.


Just completed (Ghost of Christmas Past)

I just completed a challenge of sharing 20 stories in four weeks – ie. a blog post daily Monday to Friday.