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It’s summer, so the kids are off school which in itself is hard work. My kids are pretty good and don’t take much to entertain, but still it’s a division of mental energy.

Todd Herman, who is a coach and productivity expert talks about context switching and how this creates inefficiencies. Context switching is when you are switching your focus to different things all the time rather than batching work.

I believe this applies to everything in life, and as a mum (and you’ll know if you are one too) the balance of kids, household tasks, work and the general day to day stuff that involves you as a person being fulfilled, means that a lot of energy is expelled for little return.

This means certain things get put on the back burner – like my blog. I started my blog as part of my business and now it’s more of a place for me to be creative and share my journey with you. I still intend to do that and I wanted to let you in on a bit more about what I’m up to.
The past articles I’ve written are about money. This is a very touchy subject for many – especially us Brits, since we don’t really like talking about money – but I want to take the lid off it a bit.

As my kids become more independent and I evolve my business, I can see the possibilities of what I can do in terms of earning money and being fulfilled in what I do for work.

I have a huge goal of paying off the mortgage within the next two years. That’s very bold, and I have no idea if we’ll do it, but we’re certainly going to try. This though is not going to be all down to me, my husband will also be part of this as we both work hard to make this happen.
Many people might say it’s impossible, but I have been in online business long enough to know the potential of the online space and I do see that it is possible. My issue is about enjoying the journey. I really don’t want to sacrifice my happiness (and sanity) to work ALL hours to make this happen, so it’s a fine balance. And that is the journey I’d like to invite you on.

Are you in? Do you want to see how I work towards this goal, and perhaps you will be inspired to go after your dreams?

Now I know you may be thinking, but my dream isn’t to pay the mortgage off, it’s to have fun – and that’s my idea too. Right now I see that we are tied to certain things due to our situation – I can’t be a nomad entrepreneur because my husband has his own business and my kids are in school – yes we could home school on the road, but that’s not what I want.

I want to be able to have the comforts of home and earn good money so that we are in a position to take the foot off the gas sooner rather than later, and that’s the intention behind what I’m striving for. The balance of work and life so that we can enjoy things that require money, but also have time to do the things we wan,t which means eventually not having to work so hard.
So the see-saw is…do we work hard now for rewards later, of just enjoy the moments day to day and do what is required in the moment?

One thing I know for sure is that I hate routine. Once a routine is embedded I get bored and want something new, something exciting – so I am very aware of that part of my personality so perhaps my trajectory will change, I (and my business) will evolve, and perhaps my goals will change too. I’m open to that. But right now the idea of paying off the mortgage is a big motivating force that keeps me ‘going for it’.

What are your thoughts on work/ life balance, earning money and enjoying the moments. Let me know in the comments.


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