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Personal development has always been something that has interested me, or maybe should I say human psychology.

I took A-Level Psychology but within a few weeks of being introduced to Freudian conepts, I thought it was all a load of nonsense and changed to Biology instead.

However, undertanding how we operate and what makes someone do something has always interested me.

I think it’s impossible to have this kind of interest and curiousty and it not to affect you. So, by studying and reading about this subject matter it’s inevitable that personal growth is a result and a bonus.

One thing I’ve tried to understand is not only why people do things they do, but why I do the things I do.

Why do I react in certain ways? Why don’t other people see the world as I do? What’s different (and, without meaning to come off big-headed, what’s special) about me?

One interesting thing about me is how I behave around other people. I seem to have an ability to fit in where I need to. If I’m out with a group of lads, I can act like one of them, when I’m in the company of high level, ultra-rich people I can communicate on their level, if I’m surrounded by older people who have traditional ideas and behaviours I can fit right in and understand their points of view.

Now one thing you might ask is are you being yourself? Are you in integrity with who you are or are you trying to be someone else to ‘fit’ in?

Well, I believe YES, I am always myself. BUT I think I operate like a chameleon. I am always myself with my own opinions and perspectives, but I may be different shades of myself depending on what company I’m keeping.

And insterestingly this IS one of the things that was very present in my acting. I never subscribed to ‘becoming’ a different character entirley. I always viewed whatever character I was playing as ME, but just in a different set or circumstances – and that’s how I portrayed the truth of a scene and situation.

I think this is how I am when around others. I am ME, in different situations, adapting and undestanding. I believe this comes easily to me because I have always been open to differences of opinions and perspectives and I am always curious to learn more about why people believe what they do and I allow it to inform my views too.

This chameleon like ability has served me well, and although some may say that it’s not being myself – I disagree – I am able to be more of me because I have a full spectrum of me that comes into play depending on the situation. And variety is the spice of life. Or so they say!

That’s why I like being around lots of different people – I get to explore the full range of my personaliity. Being the same person day in day out can get a little boring – it’s more adventurous and FUN (and at the end of the day, don’t we all want our lives to be fun?) to push outside the box and experience the full range. A free-range human!

The caveat with this, is stay within your truth. No lies or pretending to be someone you’re not.

I’d love to know your thoughts – do you find you’re slightly different around different people?

For example – I swear like a trooper around my husband, but I reign it in when I’m in a place or with people that it’s not appropriate to swear – and I don’t believe I’m not being myself because I’m holding back the curse words, I’m being a slightly different version of myself.

Since realising this about myself (self awareness is a great thing), it’s almost like I’ve given myself permissision to be MORE of myself strangely enough!