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We all do it; allow our internal mind chatter to talk crap to us.

Sometimes you catch yourself and shut it down, but other times you’re not even aware of it and it slowly and surely brings you down, slows your momentum and leaves you in a funk that is reminiscent of a rotting carcass on the dessert plains (not a nice image I know – sorry). Not exactly nice to be around.

This negative chatter can have a knock on affect in our lives and symptoms that persist are things like overwhelm, procrastination and even self sabotaging behaviour (messing stuff up even though you really don’t want to!).

The best thing to do is stop it in its tracks. So how do you do that, I hear you ask? It’s quite a simple process, but not always easy. The more you implement the following system the easier it becomes until it is second nature and a new habit – to shut down those mind monkeys that hold you back.

The first step is to acknowledge that there is something causing your current resistance which you can actually affect. Rather than just shutting down, a light bulb goes on that allows you to analyse your current situation.

The next step is to identify what it is that is causing this block. Usually this takes the form of something that has happened in the past that is a habitual ‘go-to’ belief. Reflect on the stages of your life and identify where the belief came from that stopped you in a similar situation in the past.

Once you have identified where this belief has come from, all that is required for you to do is release the hold it has on you. Now this can be trickier than you think. This stage depends on what works for you. Some people find EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) helps, sometimes ‘forgiveness’ work (aka ho’oponopono), but ultimately if you realise that whatever this past ‘story’ is, that it IS just a story. It does not have to be something you take forward in your life. You have the power to say, ‘this is not useful’. You have the power to decide that this ‘thing’ has no control over you; it is the other way round.
Now you are back in control, reframing those negative thoughts into positives allows you to create your superhero power that obliterates the current block. You do this by creating a positive statement. It should be short and sweet so you can repeat it over and over to yourself, or put on a sticky note on your fridge so that it is a constant reminder that you are capable of pushing past the block. The more you say it or read it, the more you will believe it, which in turn builds your belief system meaning you can take on the world!

The final step is to start visualising the outcome you desire. Try to visualise it in as much details as possible, include all your senses so that you can emotionally connect with the final result. This gives it more power installs it in your belief system so that you can start taking the action you need to achieve the desired outcomes.

As you go through this process time and time again, you will notice certain patterns in your limiting beliefs or sabotaging behaviours. Once the pattern is recognised, the easier it is to acknowledge and identify that this belief or behaviour is causing the majority of blocks. You will then have a go-to habit of moving past your resistance and start making progress in the direction you want to go.


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