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I’ve been thinking about the direction of this blog. I use this space to express myself through my writing in a creative way but I also want it to be a space for me to document my journey. Why? So there’s somewhere to see the struggles and challenges, but also see what it takes to keep going in your artistic and entrepreneurial endeavours.

I have to say however, I have a pretty amazing life. Any struggles I have must be put into context of what goes on in the world today. I’m so grateful that I live in a country where I have rights as a woman, but also that I have the ability to create what I want because I have certain freedoms and things are available to me that we can often take for granted.

I am able bodied, intelligent and I have a deep curiosity about many things that allows me to see opportunities available beyond what is considered the norms in our society (things like me not conforming to the 9-5 mentality).

Take for example online business – who would have thought that I could make a living by working from a computer at home and connecting with others around the world. Or that there is huge potential for the direction of my business if I continue to learn and leverage what I do. It truly is amazing.

It puts things into perspective when I feel down or struggle to motivate myself. I have a very privileged life and that fact does not escape me. Yet we are all human with our flaws and so we must think of ways to improve in whatever ways we can.

I realised that my journey to where i am today has been quite a winding path. From acting, to owning my own agency, to motherhood and online business. All of this was not possible if I did not have access to credit.

I’ve always had a good work ethic. Since I was 15 years old, I’ve always had some kind of job. I worked as a chamber maid (changing bedding and cleaning rooms at a hotel) at weekends whilst at school, as a shoe shop assistant, I worked in a pet store and also tried my hand working at McDonalds. All these jobs allowed me to save every penny so that when I turned 17 I had enough money for my first car – a Vauxhall Nova.

I was so proud of myself for buying that car.

My work ethic continued when I went to drama school. My parents found themselves in a fortunate position to fund my tuition, but I took it upon myself to earn the money to support myself through three years of acting training. Every holiday I would find work so that I could save and then carefully budget my next term’s spending. And with that, I never faulted on rent nor any bills, so over time I built up a good credit rating.

Some friends I knew back then didn’t seem to care about these kinds of things and would let payments fail for mobile phone subscriptions, or they would default on their utility bills. I know some people go even further and acquire so much debt that it’s impossible for them to dig themselves out of the hole. All of this effects a credit score.

And the thing is, you never know when you might need that good credit score. Due to my diligence in earning, saving, wisely budgeting and spending, I was always able to access credit cards, increase credit limits and when it came time to get a mortgage there were never any issues with regards to my credit.

Having access to credit cards and using them wisely allowed me to invest in furthering my learning and education. I have learned so much about online marketing and the business world through courses and programmes that I wouldn’t be where I am today, nor would there be room for further potential had I not given myself the opportunity to invest.

If you read some of my past articles around paying off credit card debt, you may think that this article is a bit of an about-face on investing in random courses and paying off debt. It’s actually an extension of that article because although I invested far more than I should, because I was still seeking my path, none of it would have been possible had I not set myself up for success through the hard work and savvy spending/ saving habits from over twenty years ago.

Next week I’m going to share ten things I’d like to teach my younger self. well, to be honest it’s not for my younger self because as I said, I was always pretty savvy, but it’s more about the things I want to teach my kids, or wisdom I’d like to impart on the youth of today – because what you do today has repercussions on your future…..dun-dun-durrrrrrr.

I know that sounds quite ominous but I want it to be an article that perhaps will make someone stop and think about the actions they take so that they don’t jeopardise their future.

Tell me… what actions are you proud of from years ago that have paid off today?


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